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Gill Harris Challenge - Completed Rounds

Full Rounds of the Gill Harris Challenge have been completed by the following people, routes and split times can be viewed where available by clicked on the adjacent icon:

Keith Richards on 12/06/10 05:40 in Details
Rick Robson on 12/06/10 in 05:40 Details
Nick Kingston on 24/07/10 in 07: 24 Details
Phil Blatch 06:47 on 03/09/10 in Details
Tony Thompson on 03/09/10 in 06:47 Details
Ross Donoran & Johnson The Dog on 09/09/10 in 07: 53 Details
Russell Mapp on 18/09/10 in 05:00 Details
Andy Davies on 19/11/10 in 03:18 Details 19/05/12 in 03:12:50 Details to follow
Jim Tinnion (2 rounds) 16/01/11 in 05:42 Details & 25/12/2011 in 4:44:21 Details
Dave Waide on 28/02/11 in 04:01 Details
Graham Spencer on 08/11/11 in 4:42:50 Details
Emily Millington (1st Lady) on in 05:48 Details
Pete Vale on 03/05/12 in 2:52 Details
Mark Bollom on 19/05/12 in 03:12:50 Details to follow
Phil Hayes on 15/02/12 in 5:33 Details
Iain Prentice in summer 2017 while training for Dragon's Back
John Taylor and Helen Stokes in 2017 - details being chased!
Philip Wilkinson and Laurie Jones on 20/12/2017 - details also being chased!
Nicola Richards, Dave Farrow, Mark Pearson and Jared Forte on 22/12/18 in 5:06 Details
John Taylor and Helen Stokes on 08/03/2019 in 4:24 Details
Adrian Marsh and Wilm van Bekkum on 30/12/2022 in 5:55

If you have done The Gill Harris Challenge and your name is not in the above list, or you do the round at any time in the future, please contact the club secretary at so we can update the records. Thank You

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