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Mercia Club Champs Races 2023

Below is a list of events to be included in the Mercia FR Championship 2023. There are 32 events in all, 17 home (Shropshire/Mercia) and 15 away, representing all parts of the country, spread throughout the year. There are 16 short, 8 medium and 8 long events.

Where possible, there is included information about entries for the various events. For more information, also about locations, race specifics etc, it is strongly recommend you consult the FRA and WFRA 2023 race calenders, their respective websites - , race websites and social media.

Qualifying criteria:

U18 Best 4 short races
U23, Open, V40 and V50 5 best races to count which must include at least one from each distance and one away race.
V60 Best 5 races, at least one short, one medium and one away (no requirement for a long race to be included).
V70 Best 3 races any distance home or away.


In any qualifying race, the finishing times of the top 5 runners (regardless of gender, age or club allegiance) will be added together and divided by 5 to produce an average time. All Mercia FR members will have their own finishing times measured against this average in terms of a percentage equivalent. The percentage figure will be the recorded score for that particular race.

Scores for each Mercia FR members in eligible races will be entered into a spreadsheet table and calculated to produce a current total and ranking within the championship. Following the final race of the championship, the 5 best scores for any individual, assuming they have met the qualifying criteria, will be added up to produce a final total and so determine final rankings and category winners.

In the event of a tie in any age category, places in the final table will be decided on a head-to-head basis, i.e. who has been the higher finisher on most occasions when the 2 (or more) tied runners have competed in the same races.


All races, whether home or away, require volunteer help to ensure they take place. If you want to help out with any of the races organised by Mercia FR, whether it be by marshaling or by assisting with race preparation/organisation, please get in touch with the ROs for the respective events. I recommend that all Mercia members should try to volunteer at least one race during the year.

Partial results will be posting periodically throughout the year to show progress in the championship as events take place.

THIS LIST IS APPROXIMATE - for accurate upto date details, times and dates- please go to the relevant race / club web site

Date Name Grade Region Start Entries
/01/08 Cannock Chase Trig Points CL Home 11:00:00 Online via SI Entries - £11 (FRA/WFRA), £13 (non-FRA/WFRA). Entries currently full, there is a waiting list
01/28 Ras Tarrenhendre AS North Wales 12 noon Online via Fabian4 - £7
02/11 Long Mynd Valleys AM Home EC, sws 11:00:00 Online via SI Entries - £15. Entries currently full, there is a waiting list.
02/26 Sheeptracks AL North Wales 10:00:00 Online via website only, -£7
03/04 Carding Mill Canter AS Home sws 11:00:00 Online via SI Entries - £10, possibly on the day - £8
03/25 Mourne Marauder AM Northern Ireland BC Details to follow
04/02 Wrekin Fell Race AS Home sws 11:00:00 On the day only - £6
04/15 Cribyn AS South Wales WC, SW 13:00:00 Online via Fabian4 only - £5
04/19 Caradoc Classic AS Home sss 7.30pm On the day only - £7
05/10 Wrekin Streak AS Home sss 7.30pm On the day only - £7
05/13 Fairfield Horseshoe AM Lake District EC 12 noon Online via Timing Up North website - £10
05/20 Ras Y Gader AM North Wales WC, NW 13:00:00 Online only via, open from 9 January to WFRA members, 23 January for general entries
05/24 Batch Bash AS Home sss 19:30.00 Online via SI Entries or on the day - £7
06/03 Duddon Valley AL Lake District EC 11:00:00 Online via SI Entries - £11
06/07 Rodneys Pillar BS Home sss 7.30pm Online via SI Entries and on the day - £5
06/14 Pontesbury AS Home sss 7.30pm Online via SI Entries and on the day - £6
07/01 Moel Siabod AS North Wales NW 14:00:00 On the day only - £5
07/01 Meall an t-Suidhe AS Scotland BC Details to follow
07/12 Stiperstones BS Home sss 7.30pm Online via SI Entries - £6, or on the day by debit/credit card - £7
07/22 Arenig Fawr AM North Wales 13:00:00 Online via Fabian4 - £5
08/02 Middletown AS Home sss 7.30pm Online and on the day - £8
08/05 Maesgwm Detour AM North Wales BC, WC, NW Online and on the day (if not full) - £10. Details go live on on 15 April
08/16 Ragleth Inn AS Home sss 19:00:00 Online and on the day - £6
08/20 Sedbergh Hills AL Yorkshire Dales BC, EC 11:00:00 Online via SI Entries from mid-June - £12
01/09/03 Stretton Skyline BL Home 11:00:00 On the day only - £8
09/23 John Hewitt Shelf Moor AS Peak District EC 10.30am (W), 12 noon (M) Online - £9, on the day - £10
09/23 Peris Horseshoe AL North Wales WC, NW 11:00:00 Online via Fabian4 - £10, on the day - £12
10/07 Longmynd Hike BL Home 13:00:00 Online only - £50
10/15 Breidden Hills AM Home sws 11:00:00 Online and on the day - £8
11/12 Roaches BL Peak District 10.30am On the day only - £10
11/19 Callow AS Home sws 11:00:00 On the day only - £6
12/03 Cardington Cracker AM Home sws 11:00:00 Online only - £8
EC = English Championship Race
BC = British Championship Race
WC = Welsh Championship Race
NW = North Wales Series
SW = South Wales Series
sws = Shropshire winter series
sss = Shropshire summer series

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